• Molly Farrell

Women Musicians Who Inspire Me!

I love women!! As the end of Women’s History Month approaches, I thought I’d do a short write up and share a couple of my favorite women musicians.

When I was in middle school I started listening to Paramore, I remember my older sister going to their concert when she was like 16, and I wish I could have gone back then. I would try to belt “All I Wanted” in the car until my voice was gone, but sadly I was never able to hit it like Hayley Williams (probably from being trained in choral music for 6 years, so sad). Hayley’s voice has always amazed me, and she was probably one of the first female musicians who I was really inspired by. The alternative rock genre is very populated by men, so I wasn’t exposed to a ton of women in this genre until I started really digging for it. I like to go back and listen to their first couple albums and old music videos. It just looked like they have so much fun making music together, you can just tell from listening to what they release, and how long they’ve been doing it.

I didn’t listen to MisterWives much until I saw them perform at DTE, there were about four bands performing that day. But when I saw them, I was blown away by the energy frontwoman Mandy Lee brought on stage, and how she sang. It was so good. She captivated me when she performed, belting, dancing, and jumping around. She showed the audience that she was there to have a great time. I was so glad I got to see them that day. I am mostly familiar with their first two albums, Our Own House and Connect the Dots. They recently released their third album SUPERBLOOM in 2020 which is a full 19 songs, and it is really awesome too.