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89.1 WIDRFM’s, Luna Rose, shares the story of Vivian Wilmore, an Inspector for the Interpol Agency. Follow Vivian as she’s tasked to monitor high-profile museums in order to catch the most infamous thief in the world, Luna Rose. However, when a love interest gets involved, Vivian finds herself having to make the most difficult decision of her life! 

Sci-fi Horror containing triggers for spacephobia and body horror. A team of marines stumbles upon Ghost ship lost in space that is infested with a vine like monster.

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89.1 WIDR FM's : "The Lady in White" shares the story of a medieval folktale told from the point of view of a captured prisoner. Listen to the prisoner discuss the chilling legend of “the lady in white” to two guards of the invading army around one of their camp’s firepit! Who was she? How did she come to be? Find out on, The Lady in White!

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