• Alison Koch, Sarah Budd, Sydney Aldrich

WIDR Studies For Finals!

We know you're working hard in preparation for finals, so whether you've locked yourself in your room, found your favorite corner in the library, or picked your favorite spot in a local coffee shop, we've got the tunes to get you through the week.

Listen to WIDR's Study Playlist Here

For this weeks playlist, we've gotten together three different perspectives on what music to study to.

Sarah's Picks

Belle & Sebastian - Nightwalk

I was always told that music without lyrics is the best music for maintaining focus. This song is perfect soundtrack for your late night studies or walks home from the library.

Laura Marling - Sorry

Everyone works better when they’re in a good mood, so here’s a fun, bittersweet acoustic pop bop to lift you up.

Beck - Guess I’m Doing Fine

With the downer lyrics, a prominent drum beat and loose, airy vibes ; this slow ballad will throw you into a state of deep focus and/or daydream. Beck may sing, “It's only lies that I'm living, It's only tears that I'm crying,” about a lost lover, but I’m singing this to myself as I struggle to find motivation and watch my GPA fall.

Simon & Garfunkel - Old Friends

Simon & Garfunkel have been fueling all of my personal study playlists for the past month, so it only makes sense to include them on this playlist as well.