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Pradaaslife and Silver – Die Down Album Review

Swedish rapper Pradaaslife and Swedish producer Silver recently combined talents on a new full-length album entitled Die Down. The two have often worked together in the past, more so in the past year, and both are closely tied to the Swedish rap collective Scrap Club.

On this new project, Silver continues with familiar production featuring catchy synth melodies, guitar loops, hard-hitting 808s and trap-inspired drums. The beats vary noticeably when Silver employs the help of other producers. On this album additional production comes from filip, april21, and methboiswag, among others. Pradaaslife’s distinct voice and signature autotuned vocals compliment the head-nodding rhythms and make for a crisp and infectious sound. A lot of Pradaaslife fanbase comes from soundcloud, and this album as a “soundcloud album” stands out among the sea of low-effort, poorly mixed music on the site.

Die Down comes towards the end of the year and marks three full-length projects for the Stockholm rapper. With such prolific output the projects are predictably formulaic, but with a winning formula any fan of Pradaaslife (myself included) would only hope the trend continues into 2024.


FAVORITE TRACKS: Weird Inside, Whats New?, Handsigns


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