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WIDR's Guide to Egg Punk

Hey all! I’ve got an Egg punk playlist for you… And unless you’ve been asleep in the DIY KZOO scene, you should know that perhaps the greatest artist to emerge from here is Erik Nervous (in my opinion of course)… Ask a punk about it if not, loser. Join the pit, seriously. Egg punk, which emerged from the midwest scene, combines the manic weirdness of DEVO with hardcore punk rock. It reinvents punk through synth, distortion, and tends to have a less hardcore (almost jumpy) nature. This playlist features many artists- some that blur the lines between nu punk&egg… and others that are distinct to the genre. Egg punks counter, although I think the labels are kind of stupid, is chain punk. Chain (or NU punk) chooses not to subvert the likes of Germs and other classic punk bands They keep it hardcore (or even push the boundaries). You’ll hear the difference next week. Stay tuned.

Check out the playlist here!



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