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Why you need to listen to Drum and Bass

If you are reading this, you are either familiar with my music taste or you know that I provide insightful recommendations. This is beside the point.

The POINT: Drum and Bass

The RATIONALE: I could be off BASS here, (wow puns) but I am just going to say it. Drum and Bass is that weird millennial parent to what all the youngsters fancy today: hyperpop or PC Music. I am fully prepared to get publicly shunned for making this comment, but what is cancel culture really? A bad side effect of a society that cannot think for itself? Probably. Ok into the points:

1- Drum and Bass as a movement has roots in Jamaican reggae. I know this because I wrote my final paper on the movement of Jamaican immigrants to Europe. Then club culture blew up in the nineties, I was born and subsequently never went to a rave. Point taken.

2- Drum and Bass can feature RAPPERS and boy does it taste so good. Sure, modern rap is amazing and can feature a once in a lifetime album like To Pimp a Butterfly that encapsulates jazz, gospel music, and the like. But how often are you going to get rappers that rap over breakneck breakbeats? Not often. Try to say breakneck breakbeats ten times over.

3- If you are anxious about anything in life (which given the many epidemics we face in modern society, is pretty certain) then this can certainly help you to enter into a state of calmness. You don’t even have to do drugs man. This music IS the drug. How could it not be? With crunchy beats, wobbly bass tones, and major tempo acceleration, you now are aware of music that matches your chaotic energy. Congratulations!

4- Penultimately, you need to stunt on your friends. They say that musical trends come back every thirty years or so. Drum and Bass remains no different. I mean seriously, what genre allows for an instrumentation setup composed of upright bass, live drums, synths, and rap? Don’t believe me? Check this out.

5- If I have convinced you to open your pretty little hearts to one of the most underground movements of the past thirty years, please check out this playlist. There is also an amazing documentary by Drum & Bass Arena you can find here. I also have a show called Drum The Base that airs every Thursday from 10 PM to Midnight. I highly encourage you to drive around with this music. It makes life worthwhile.


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