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Funk Me Up Vulfpeck, FUNK ME UP

On November 7, Vulfpeck gifted the world with another one of their feel good funk filled albums.

Vulfpeck was created by a few students during their studies at the University of Michigan. Per usual, their album is comprised of both vocal and strictly instrumental tracks, sending listeners for a nice smooth ride right into funk city, with groovy & sweet cleverly lyricised 60s sounding songs.

The band’s original members include Jack Stratton, Theo Katzman, Woody Goss, and Joe Dart. For this album, Vulfpeck borrowed the musical talents of Antwaun Stanley, Charles Jones, Christine Hucal, Joey Dosik, David T. Walker, James Gadson, Michael Bland, Coco O., Baby Theo Bootsy Collins and Mushy Kay.

The second song on the album, “Baby I Don’t Know Oh Oh”, is the kind of song that must be listened to LOUD, while you dance and sing in your living room with your housemates. Its dramatic staccato lays perfectly underneath Charles Jones’ desperate croon. By the end of the song, you’ll find yourself fully immersed, making every attempt to reach all those high notes.

I really love Vulfpeck’s ability to create characters/situations in your mind. After listening to “Mr. Finish Line” a few times, his shiny greasy hair and bright unnerving smile in his pastel suit pops into my head. One of those strangely charming people. This song also features a very familiar little melody from the first Vulfpeck song I ever listened to, a cheeky little blast from the past.

Later in the album, “Business Casual” features the sweet but sassy vocal styling of Coco O. You go Coco O. The song “Vulf Pack” sneaks in with that “bwamp bwamp” bass slappin’ that’s impossible to listen to sitting still. I’m not even really sure what’s happening in the album’s final song, “Captain Hook” but I know for sure that I love it. He’s very talented.

I also really appreciate Vulfpeck for breaking the 4th wall by leaving in some of the before and afters captured during recording. It was fun to hear the band’s real life reactions to their own songs. There are definitely a few songs that stick out to me as timeless favorites to be played again and again. These folks are so talented it’s dumb. Other than that, I’ve got nothing bad to say.

Best tracks: Baby I Don’t KN\now Oh Oh, Vulf Pack


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