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Visions Review

This week I was given the honor of reviewing the a local band's new EP. The band, Basic Comfort released their EP: “Visions” on December 10th, 2021. It includes four tracks available for purchase on Bandcamp, here.

The group features five members, all with immeasurable talent. Their music is a tremendous vibe, full of grove and wistful melodies. Basic Comfort is showcasing some of the finest rhythms and harmonies paired with excelled instrumental in their new EP, Visions. The titular song “Vision” is upbeat and instantly sets the energy for the rest of the journey, in addition to the fast paced lyrics bouncing on the beat. Transitioning to the rest of the album, their song “U Think U” is immensely groovy paired with beautifully soft vocals. The visual image I get from the music is that of shimmering stars at night. The EP’s journey feels like it starts off high, slows down and is rounded off with “Blindspotting” and “Fed Up” I won’t spoil or try to influence your perception of the rest of the album, but I sincerely encourage you to check out Visions. Together, the four songs feel musically iridescent. Listening to their music I myself feel weightless, and only held afloat by riding the beat, and the dazzling melodies.

Please purchase their EP on Bandcamp to help support local music here in Kalamazoo. If you like their music please continue to listen and support by sharing the word with your friends and family.


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