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Vampire Weekend: Then and Now

Hey y’all! So my music taste has evolved quite a lot since I was younger but some artists have stood the test of time for me and have helped define my current taste. One such band that has really grown with me is Vampire Weekend. My mom loved them while I was growing up so naturally their first two albums were on my first mp3 player that was completely filled with my parents’ music.

Most of what was on that first music player was Dad Rock so the islandy Vampire Weekend was a very fun twist for me. I can remember jamming to them on walks and bike rides during the summer when I had minimal responsibilities and feeling so at peace with the world.

Eventually I started gaining more responsibilities in my life with school and work and that care free mentality started to go away. At a certain point the Michigan Winters started to get to me and make life feel that much harder. Throughout these changes in my life, Vampire Weekend’s mellow and fun music stuck around with me. I would still listen to them in the Summer when life felt easier but during the long, hard Winters, Vampire Weekend was my getaway. Sure I would nearly freeze during my walks in the snow, but their music always made it feel like Summer and helped me endure the cold.

I should also mention how excited I was when Father of the Bride came out in 2019 after the 6 year hiatus. I will forever love their older albums but it's great to have some new music to jam to!

I’m sure most of you have heard the Vampire Weekend hits but I can’t recommend checking out the rest of their music enough especially now that it’s Summer! They even make an appearance on our WIDR Summer playlist which you can check out here. Have a great Summer y’all and enjoy all the Summer jams!


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