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U Know / I Know Interview

Hey y'all! At last the time has come for us to share some awesome stuff from our Battle of the Bands finalists from last year - U Know / I Know and Pib! About a year ago we were supposed to have the BOTB finale which unfortunately got messed up by COVID-19. However, we are so excited to be able to share some of their awesome stuff with all of you now including this interview with U Know / I Know! Keep reading for a look into U Know / I Know’s musical experience and some fun tales from along the way!

How did your band form/why did you start doing music?

We love each other and we love playing!

Tell me about the evolution of your band.

Well, when we formed, most of the music was already written and arranged for a whole band, they were songs that Logan had written before meeting anyone else. Since then we've played together a lot and sort of synthesized with each others' writing and playing styles. The more time passes, the more organic and expressive we become.

What are your sources of musical inspiration?

Well we all listen to a lot of different music. So we are constantly getting inspired by that. And, of course, when we get together to play and bring all of that to the table, we all get inspired by each other.