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Pib Interview

Hey everyone! At last the time has come for us to share some awesome stuff from our Battle of the Bands finalists from last year - U Know / I Know and Pib! About a year ago we were supposed to have the BOTB finale which unfortunately got messed up by COVID-19. However, we are so excited to be able to share some of their awesome stuff with all of you now including this interview with Pib! Keep reading for a look into Pib’s musical journey and some funny stories from along the way!

How did your band form/why did you start doing music?

I was in a couple bands in high school but decided to go solo and take music production lessons.

Tell me about the evolution of your band.

I started out wanting to make rock. I made an EP in that style and hated the recording process. My tastes would eventually gear towards pop and I started making beats instead.

What are your sources of musical inspiration?

My source of musical inspiration is melodic pop that pushes the envelope.

Describe the vibe of your music in 3 words.