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To NYC We Go!

WIDR is off on a wider adventure than our normal walk in the wood, and sacrifice of a student DJ. WIDR is traveling to the NYC this weekend for the IBS conference! We hope to learn a lot from the many talks happening, and take the knowledge back with us to Kalamazoo, for the glory of the WIDRLand.

You can listen to our NYC playlist here.


1. “Mack the Knife” by Ella Fitzgerald

This cover of a famous tune done by Ella Fitzgerald is just so upbeat, and fun that it seemed silly not to start our trip out on a high note! Also as we move forward on the playlist, we will also move forward in NYC music history.

2. “Somethin’ Stupid” by Nancy and Frank Sinatra

This duet between a father and daughter was the pick, as it seemed none of the songs with Frank alone seemed to be enough, but add painfully sad music, with the thought of that Seinfeld episode makes this my NYC pick.

3. “Rock & Roll” by Velvet Underground

This VG chart is one of the well known songs to come from the group. Velvet Underground played a huge role in influencing the many artist around them in NYC, and even became managed by Andy Warhol

4. “Primitive” by The Groupies

A band not known for being huge in the NYC scene, this band recorded one track, primitive, and rode the wave it provided. I have very little on this group, but found the song interesting enough to want to put it up.

5. “Vicious” by Lou Reed

A simple song by the most hard to deal with member of the velvet underground, Lou Reed's “Transformers” album sparked new life in the early 70s. Inspiring yet again more musicians

6. “Chatterbox” New York Dolls

A band people should be getting familiar with if they follow my playlist at WIDR the dolls inspired the punk attitude, style, and much more. You can NYC without the Dolls.

7. “Born to Lose” by Johnny Thunder & the Heartbreakers

Out of the ashes of the NY Dolls Johnny T started and drum started a new group with former Television bassist Richard Hell, pushing NYC into punk with more force.

8 “Don’t Worry about the Government” by Talking Heads

Hands down this is one of my favorite Talking Heads songs, and it will be easy to see why this might just be another odd song on a album full of such, but its ironies make this song something that stands out.

9. “Can I Kick It” Tribe Called Quest

Rap music wouldn’t be anywhere close to what we have now if it was for Tribe. While this isn’t some deep cut, and may people may have heard it, I thought the call back to Lou Reed again, was an interesting mix of two worlds of NYC music

10. “Hard to Explain” the Strokes

Off their debut album, the Strokes launched rock music back into the popular charts with this album. We learn that being rich kids from NYC has its advantages. This band is the perfect simile for the buying out of NYC.

11. “The Kids don’t Stand A Chance” Vampire Weekend

This indie pop group from the upper side of NYC is the newest of the bands out of NYC, and they are the least edgey, has New York lost its edge? With no more CBGB's that remains to be seen. Wish us luck on our journey, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the music.


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