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This Life Without You

Losing someone whom you love is never easy, but that is why they invented the break up song.

This playlist is my attempt to create a reflection of some of the emotions I’ve been feeling in the wake of devastation. From the beginning of the schism to hard-hearted aloofness this playlist has it all, and has nothing, just like me. Overly dramatic text aside, I hope you enjoy, and don’t feel too down.

1. “Redundant” by Green Day off Nimrod

This song has been in my life for a long time. As a long time fan of this group, many songs by these three have helped me in times of uncertainty. Redundant is a song that speak about the complacany that leads to relationship fall out. The inability to say anything of relevance, and the only words left on your lips is why.

2. “Love Will Tear Us Apart” by Joy Division off Substance

Another classic song about falling out with the one you love. Lyrically this song smacks your face, and leave the taste of regret in your mouth. Released after the untimely death of Joy Division's lead singer Ian Curtis, this song will haunt time for the foreseeable future, but who can see the future. DJ Blue Velvet that's who.

3. “I Can See It in Your Eyes” by Men at Work off Business As Usual

I probably doesn’t surprise some that Men at Work is featured again on one of my playlists, but hey what can I say. This song is a simple story of the moment of realization that it is over. You can see it in her eyes.

4. “Bigmouth Strikes Again” by The Smiths off The Queen is Dead

Maybe not a break up song, but if anyone knows what it's like to stick your foot in your own mouth will understand this song choice. It seems when all is well, bigmouth strikes again. My favorite line of Morrissey comes in this song. “Now, I know how Joan of Arc felt, as the flames rose to her roman nose, and her walkman started to melt”

5. “For No One” by the Beatles off Revolver

It’s been weeks, yet she still haunts your thoughts, and then this song come on. Why...why did you have to play me like shuffle play..why.

6. “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here” by Weezer off Weezer(Blue Album)

Painfully honest song about the empty feeling behind the mask that you show to people in public, and that sickening feeling as you see that other person drift farther and farther from you. Weezer is always talented at being brutally honest, even cringy, but sometimes true emotions are cringe worthy.

7. “Telephone Line” by Electric Light Orchestra off A New World Record

You’ve looked at her number multiple times now, and all you want is to hear her voice reverberate around your cranium, but you know you’ll only be left numb. Maybe you don’t care though, maybe it's what you need. Also ELO is the best.

8. “I’m Not The One(Single Mix) by the Cars off Moving In Stereo

I couldn’t choose between this song and Since Your Gone by the same group. I just flipped a coin, honestly both of them are great songs. I’ve always loved the Car’s ability to write clean, well made new wave, while still feeling authentic

9. “To Binge (feat. Little Dragon) by Gorillaz off Plastic Beach

My favorite song off this album, and also a heart render. The story between the two voices feels like two people who were once together, but are now rolling back into the sea alone.

10. “Careful” by Television off Adventure

After awhile you feel yourself growing callous and cold. Heart like steel, and you won't make it a meal for anyone. Like a phoenix you rise from the ashes with the full intent of dying again. “I Don’t Care, I never think about it.”

You can listen to this playlist and follow us on Spotify for all of our past playlists here.


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