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The Influence of Arlo Parks

Happy Pride Month everyone, I love all of you so much <33

This month we are doing another blog series; talking about some of our favorite/inspirational queer artists. This topic is also near and dear to my heart so I’m excited to be writing up this blog.

Arlo Parks, who is openly bisexual, has continued to gain popularity in the indie pop genre with her soft, smooth voice and poetic lyrics. Last summer I created a playlist of Black indie/alt artists, which Arlo is featured on, which you can find at the link here.

Sophie” and “Black Dog” are two tracks on that playlist, and since then, Arlo has released her first full length album in 2021, Collapsed in Sunbeams. Four tracks from this album have already taken over 4 of her top 5 most popular songs on Spotify. Also, at only 20 years old, she won the Independent Music Awards’ One to Watch Category in 2020!

Arlo Parks has talked about her interest in conveying mood and emotions rather than telling a coherent story or plot, which ties into her interest in poetry writing and the songs she has written. In her album Collapsed in Sunbeams, she starts with a track that is a poem about self-acceptance, and follows with themes surrounding topics like mental health, body image, addiction, and sexuality. I just love how she speaks so earnestly with her lyrics to try and reach different people. I’m able to listen to her music and really relate to some of the concepts that she brings up.

I am so excited to see what Arlo Parks is going to do in the future, I’m already amazed at how much she’s already accomplished at just 20 years old. If you haven’t yet, definitely go check her music out, you won’t be disappointed.


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