• Maggie Neuman

Tai Verdes TV Review

Hi hello everybody! So I’ve been following Tai Verdes since his song “Stuck in the Middle” came up on my TikTok months ago when I immediately fell in love with the extremely chill vibe of his music. Since then I haven’t been able to listen to his music and have it not put me in a significantly better mood. Tai Verdes is the guy to go to if you’re in need of some really feel good music, I guarantee it. He’s been slowly releasing singles leading up to the release of his debut album TV which I had been dying to hear! I was finally able to listen to it today as I’m writing this blog and I’m here to review this masterpiece for all of you, so let’s get into it!

We open with “rEaL WOrLD” which really surprised me with the aggressiveness of the lyrics in contrast to the chill vibe of the instrumentals in the best way possible. This song is a great example of what Tai does best - making music that speaks to your soul because it reflects the feelings of life so well. I personally love the half rap/half singing style in the verses of this song that made for even more chill vibes.

Next we have “Solamente” which immediately made me smile with the Spanish lyric which works so well among the rest of the English lyrics. Very chill vibes again with this song especially with the pitch bends on the acoustic guitar.

Next is “DRUGS” which may be my all time favorite song from Tai. I feel like this song really manages to depict why a lot of people do drugs and in a way destigmatizes it which I love. This song is extremely chill and somehow makes me feel a little bit better about the stress I (and we all) deal with and for that reason this song will be a go to of mine for a long time.

“we would have some cute kids.” is the next song which is an adorably romantic so