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Syd's Spotify Wrapped

As a person who loves music and data, I have been anxiously awating the release of Spotify Wrapped. So here is a little about my Spotify wrapped!

My top genre of the year was Indie Pop. This did not come as a surprise to me, since I do listen to quite a bit of Indie Pop. I also play a lot of indie pop on my show, which I find my music for on Spotify.

My next genre was Emo Rap, likely here mostly due to my Lil Peep listening. This is the second year in a row that emo rap was my number 2 genre. Honestly though I would love to listen to more, if you have recommendations please send them to

Next is Pop, which came as quite a surprise to me at first. The more I thought about it though, the more it made sense to me. I listen to quite a bit of 2000s/2010s hits, as well as a lot of Taylor Swift which is what I believe got it ranked #3.

Number 4 is Pop Punk, which was my number one genre in 2021. This fall makes sense to me, sense I do listen to significantly less pop punk than I did last year.

My number 5 genre was Rock. Between classic rock, new rock, and many rock subgeres, this feels like a solid one to close out my top 5

Now onto what we really care about! I listened to 73,156 minutes this year, a 2,070 minute increase from 2021.

I'm honestly quite annoyed that Taylor Swift is my top artist of the year. I listen to most of my Taylor Swift on iTunes or CD, so the fact that she is this high is slightly concerning.

My number two artist was Lil Peep, down from #1 last year. I have a lot of Lil Peep in many of my different playlists, so this make sense.

Next is Waterparks, whom are my favorite band right now. Their older stuff is mostly pop-punk, while the newer stuff I would say is more generally alt-rock. I play them frequently on my show so I'm actually surprised they aren't higher.

Girl in Red is down 2 spots from 2021, which makes sense because I listen to significantly less of her this year. I just haven't been as into the soft-indie sound as of recent.

For the second year in a row, Rav is in my number #5 spot. Rav is a rapper and producer whom I had the opportunity to see live in March. That said, I really haven't listened to a lot of his discography, and It's just me listening to the same couple of songs on repeat.

My #1 song of the year was "Lovers Rock" by TV Girl. For the second year in a row, the number 2 spot is taken by "FUCK YOU HEATHER" by Boyish."Reverse Cowgirl" by Mickey Darling takes my #3 spot this year. In my number 4 spot is "Freaks" by Surf Curse. Finally, my fifth most streamed song was "what about you?" by Worst Party Ever. All five of these songs are songs that 'itch my brain' and that I listen to very frequently. These are also all songs I was listening to all year, so they had a lot of time to rack up listens.


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