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Support 89.1 WIDR FM

Western turned 120 this May, and to celebrate the WMU Department of Fundraising is calling for donations to support campus organizations. What better organization to support than WMU's student-run, student-led Student Radio Station: 89.1 WIDR FM!

For the next month we are raising money for our promotional equipment overhaul. We are hoping to raise $891 for this new gear.

If we raise $215 we will be able to purchase a new custom WIDR tent. This will help make our presence known at outdoor events, as well as protect us in case inclement weather.

If $315 is raised we will also be able to purchase a stand up banner. This can be used at both indoor and outdoor events.

After raising $550 we can purchase custom 89.1 WIDR FM mic flags, featuring our new logo. This will be for use both in the studio and when at community events. This will help us look much more cohesive and professional.

If we reach our goal of $891 we can purchase a DJ Deck for use at events where WIDR is DJing.

If you are able, we hope you consider donating HERE to WIDR this month!


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