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Sour Review

Olivia Rodrigo has been booking the trending suite in the music industry hotel lately with the debut of her full LP, Sour, released in 2021. "Brutal" and "Traitor" have been the highlight tracks over TikTok and other social media platforms. Before her solo career, she was a Disney actress in productions such as the High School Musical series. She has risen to the top of the charts as soon as her LP was released on all streaming platforms.

Before I began listening to it, I had some predetermined thoughts. I was mostly unsure of how it was going to sound since her genre isn’t to my immediate liking. However, that all changed when I heard "Brutal". She went into a poppy-grunge type feel along with the trippy strings. It was heavier than I imagined it to be but I liked it a lot. The last track gave me the same feeling as well, "Hope Ur Ok", with a little more psychedelic and alternative influence. She surprised me with the way she composed the lyrics in this album. Usually, I lean towards more alternative and indie than pop, but she made me want to get back on the pop train again. It’s incredible to see her journey from being a well-known actress to the ultimate pop star.


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