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Scuare x sow - "Slippery People"

Although this is my first time hearing sow, I first started listening to Scuare before seeing him at the Exoiety, "The Out of the Woods Tour" last spring. That said, this is my first time listening through one of his albums start to finish. Something I find interesting is that average song length on this album is higher than I feel like I'm used to seeing as of late at 3:30 a song. Before diving in I also want to mention that I LOVE this album cover.

The album starts with "The Price," which I think is a great starting point for the album. It's pretty vibey, and had a good flow. Around 1:40 he gets pretty staccato, which I enjoyed. The last 20 seconds consists of a conversation with high distortion. Personally I prefer that kind of thing in the intro. Next is "I bet you think this song is about you" which has some static sounds which is very interesting, and something I'm not sure I've heard in a song before. It's an incredibley vibey song, with some really good lines. I added this song to my playlist. "Skin Deep" is the third song on the album, and a complete vibe. The energy isn't super high, but it kept me intrigued. It once again ended with distorted audio clips.

"Fall Away" featuring No1mortant is the next song on the album and although it's really good, nothing really stuck out to me. "Runnin Man" is the most streamed song on the album, and for good reason. It's a super fun song, and I sent it to a couple of my friends whom I thought would enjoy it. I was super excited for "Open Wounds" featuring Kill Bill: The Rapper, another member of Exoiety. I really love the rhythm of the chorus and how they work off each other. I look forward to hearing this song in my rotation.

"Which side are you on?" is the shortest song on the album. Like the end of the previous song, it has distorted speaking. On this song however he adds lots of interesting effects and sounds. I would love to see a longer version of this song in the future. "The Grift" features Jonny Jukebox, which makes this song stand out from the rest of the album, as he is more of a singer than rapper. I enjoyed Jonny's verse quite a bit. The last minute is mostly Scuare, and probably one of my favorites parts of the album. Next is "The Cost" is fun, and I enjoyed the listen, but nothing really stuck out to me. "Sun on the Horizon" is the least streamed song on the album, as well as the final song on the album. I think this was a great song to end the album with, it has many of the elements heard throughout the album and acts to bring everything together.

I was expecting this to be a slightly higher energy album. I enjoyed the album, it's just not what I'm personally really into at the moment. If you are into vibey/chill rap though, I recommend you give this album a listen!


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