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saturdays at your place – it’s always cloudy in kalamazoo

A new song from Kalamazoo-based alternative emo band saturdays at your place called ‘it’s always cloudy in

kalamazoo’ reps the band’s home city and does it justice. The song was released on December 30 th ahead of the release of their new EP ‘Always Cloudy’ on January 20 th . One of three singles released before the EP, the track comes after the release of the single ‘Tarot Cards’ in September which found itself some virality in the second half of 2022, amassing 250,000 plays on Spotify and far surpassing any previous saturdays at your place song. This project comes after the band’s debut album in 2021, and the success of the singles means that the project is poised to put up some big numbers. So go stream it when it drops!

‘Always Cloudy’ drops on January 20 th from No Sleep Records, a reputable indie record label associated with another Michigan-based emo band, Hot Mulligan. Saturdays at your place also have merch for the album that you can buy through the No Sleep records website featuring the chanting lyric from ‘its always cloudy in kalamazoo’ saying “I Don’t Want to Go Home Yet”.

Listen on streaming services or on the band’s bandcamp page.


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