• Josh Vesper

Rubber Band Moments

Rubber Band Moments

or: the effect of music on self-talk: a narrative itinerary

[with the music of Spellling and Alexis Marshall]

by Josh Vesper.

On September 19, 2021, a moment of understanding was realized. This moment was not a pointillistic spec of ink relative to the greater landscape of a personal storyboard. No. I hate pointillism. //The moment was a hot rubber band, stretching, pulling, and sculpting itself across the hours of the day. The melting rubber sept into every groove, nook, and cranny in its path. // Yes. That was the moment.

11:00 AM

Wake up. It’s late. // The internal dialogue deafens. // Think straight. Stretch. Think right. Think less. Not that. Not that either. Think more. More. more. More!! Just right.

11:30 AM

I cannot stay trapped here. Pull the shelter back and away. I cannot operate this machine today. Craving organic movement. Travel on foot. Where are we going? Anywhere but here. Do not forget your glasses you must have Vision. Do not forget your journal you must have Voice.