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Rhythm'n'Rhyme's Top 5 Featured Artists

For the last few months my show, “Rhythm’n’Rhyme” has continued to feature some of my most loved artists in the realms of Hip Hop, Rap, and R&B. A pattern throughout most of my sets: they continuously at least feature one or m

ore recurring artists each week. Each artist is so unique and special to me and what I love about music, I’ve decided to dedicate my last blog of the year to the artists and tracks that got me through the year.

5) William Onyeabor

A Nigerian funk artist, who’s songs released mainly during the 70s and 80s. His music heavily features synthesizers and non stop grooves that send sonic electric throughout my systems.

Favorite Tracks: Atomic Bomb, Fantastic Man

4) Outkast

Producing some of the most memorable classics in the entire genre of ever piece of music that has ever been created. Andre 3000 and Big Boi gave the world their potent energy shrouded in mastercrafed music.

Favorite Tracks: Bombs over Bagdad, Player’s Ball, Roses

3. Action Bronson

Action Bronson’s attitude is what makes his music. His love of life, and the pleasures to be had come through in his vocals and vibe. I admire his passion for food, and how he incorporates that into his music.

Favorite Tracks: Baby Blue, 9-24-7000

2. Anderson .Paak

Anderson Paak seems too pack each song with a beautifully crafted vibe delivered through perfectly poignant lyrics. His popularity and hype is more than deserved.

Favorite Tracks: The Bird, Come Down


KAMAUU is a magician, in that their creativity and intelligence manifests into extraordinary music. All their beats are created using his vocals, that, paired with his unbeatable rhyme schemes create for a truly special musical experience.

Favorite Tracks: Far Rockaway, Burgundy, Clover


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