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Purchase and Listen to "Cover Your Bases" to Support FOOD NOT BOMBS!

Cover Your Bases is a compilation album put together to raise money for FOOD NOT BOMBS. Released on November 5, 2021 and curated by Fake Baseball, the album consists of covers from Kalamazoo bands and artists. FOOD NOT BOMBS is an organization that uses donated foods to make and deliver weekly hot meals to the unhoused population in Kalamazoo. All proceeds received from the album through February 5, 2022 will go directly to FOOD NOT BOMBS to aid them in their endeavors. The album can be found at

Putting together this album meant quite a lot to everyone involved, what follows is just a little bit about why this album is important:

Food Not Bombs is a large network of independent collectives striving to give donated food and other necessary goods to people in need. The chapter in Kalamazoo also functions as a direct action campaign for the people in need, particularly the unhoused, in Kalamazoo. There has been significant harassment against our unhoused neighbors from public officials and the city, including shutting down encampments and giving people no alternative places to go. This behavior aims to criminalize the impoverished. And it is unacceptable. The work that Food Not Bombs does, especially now and especially here, is imperative and invaluable.

Fake Baseball organized and produced a collaborative compilation of cover songs performed and recorded by many amazing Kalamazoo bands and artists including Saxsquatch & Bridge Band, Jordan Hamilton, Ardea, Jake Simmons, Katy Needs A Life, Cynthea Kelley & Matt Landon, Shai-Li, Jeremy Ruggles, and Disco Wannabee. All of the money generated from purchasing the album will be donated to Food Not Bombs of Kalamazoo through February 4th, 2022. The album is live now and you can find it by visiting

If you’re interested in hearing more from Fake Baseball, a group of musicians and engineers who are dedicated to proliferating art for the community good, you can visit their Bandcamp which has demos of tunes that will be featured on their upcoming, debut album set to release in on February 5th, 2022. Fake Baseball’s core members include Maggie Heeren, Adam Danis, Jarad Selner, Grayson Nye, Matthew Milowe, and Ethan Bouwsma. And if you’re interested in seeing them play, they have a show scheduled for New Year’s Eve at the Dormouse Theater in Kalamazoo. It might be exactly what you want to do to traverse into the New Year.

Tune in at 2 PM on Saturday December 4th to hear Cover Your Bases live on-air along with an introduction by Grayson Nye of Fake Baseball in support of FOOD NOT BOMBS!


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