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Prepare to Apologize Review

As I was looking through the WIDR library, I came across this pretty pink package that had yet to be opened, and instantly caught my eye. I opened the package and found what was the Prepare to Apologize album by Trauma Cat, an April 2021 release. The album cover itself was colorful with flowers arranged around a cat's head, which made me like it before I had even listened to it. As I gave it a listen, I found it to be an enjoyable album with many different music genres incorporated - alternative rock being the main one.

The intro song “Prepare to Apologize” has a humorous speaking bit in the beginning, and then becomes an acapella song, that you might hear from an acapella group. The next song, “Indivisible” fits the alternative rock genre of this album and has captivating bass and electric guitar sounds, as does the following song “Trauma Cat”, in a much more upbeat way that makes me want to get up and dance. “Joshua” is a song that is relatable for many, as it talks about breaking up with someone who wasn’t quite right for them, but they were a good person who everyone liked. One song, number 8 on the album, “Lob a Grenade” caught my attention, and I think it may be one of my favorites. “Lob a Grenade” reminds me of Vampire Weekend, with its beat and pacing of words, but has more of a rock twist. Another song I thoroughly enjoy on the album is “Freaks With Wings”, it’s slower paced rock song and the instrumentals pulled me in. The last song “Epilogue” is interesting because it seems like a poetry reading over a bed of music.

Prepare to Apologize by Trauma Cat is an intriguing album worth checking out, and I think everyone can find at least one song on the album they can enjoy. Plus, it has a fun album cover, so it’s worth checking out just for that


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