• Hank Melluish

Peaness - "World Full of Worry" Review

If the almost sickeningly charming video for UK band Peaness’ “How I’m Feeling” is any indication, the band seeks to cement itself as a beacon of simple happiness, friendship, togetherness and all manner of kindergarten creeds. As a matter of fact, if the song attached wasn’t so wonderful, it would be easy to write them off as an indie-pop act too cute for its own good. They play children here, after all, obsessed with insects and setting out to find a rare caterpillar in their town while their fun-free parents try to ground them. But let’s be honest with each other here: Peaness is an pop act with songwriting chops and the melodic licks to back them up. The song is killer and because of that, the video succeeds in spades.

Their first album, World Full of Worry, makes the case for pure and simple cuteness, and seems to counter directly with the more menacing cuteness of some of today’s indie pop. This listener s