• DJ Simon Jefferson, Music Director

One Day, One Song At a Time

Waking up isn’t my favorite task in life, and the myriad of time waster later, I’m back. During those 17 hours with the living, I try my darnedest to leave potential unharnessed, and listen to too much music, sometimes obsessing over one song each day. With these songs, something about them made me return again and again and again and again.

1. “Sumer” by Rostam from Half-Light

Performed by Vampire Weekend’s Rostam Batmanglij as part of his solo work outside the band. Half-Light was just released this year, and “Sumer” has been a in my head since. The droning feeling throughout the tune brings me to a place where everything doesn’t seem so fast.

2. “I Wish You Wouldn’t Say That” by Talking Heads from Talking Heads 77(Deluxe Version)

Though I’ve listened to this album so many times, this song sticks out as one that I’ve spent my fair share of time wishing you didn’t say such things. Everything to this screams early talking heads. Minimalism, funkyness, awkward Byrneness.

3. “I Got the Message” by Men Without Hats from Rhythm of Youth

Another album that I spent too much time blowing through my ear drums, but I got the Message has slowly replaced Safety Dance as my favorite track by Canadian Synth king's Men Without Hats.

4. “I’m Your Man” by Richard Hell from Blank Generation

One of my alltime favorite pieces recorded. Blank Generation gives me everything I want in a great punk rock album, and the guitar slaying within “I’m Your Man” set this song apart from man others. While still retaining the flavor of the album Richard presents a little more in one.

5. “Brothers Gonna Work It Out” by Public Enemy from Fear Of A Black Planet

In classic Public Enemy fashion Brothers Gonna Work it Out presents a positive message, crazy sounds, and personal awareness that many Public Enemy fans know and love about the Rap Duo.