• nik

nik's super cool album roundup - 10 / 21

I listen to a really wide and weird range of music, and have a lengthy history of enjoying Epic Rap Battles on YouTube, so I’m basically like a music expert.

I actually really like talking about music though, and my criticisms are kind of like an overall vibe rather than just like “Oh this track was really good but the other track? Not so much.” Whenever someone is reviewing music and is like “Oh yes, the production was impeccable, but great heavens, the sound editing left a lot to be desired” I get really really bored, so I want my review style to be like some guy recommending music to you!

(please do not treat my word as gospel it’s really scary and a lot of pressure)

I’ve been like, really good about keeping up to date with albums when they come out this year, and god, a lot of music came out last Friday! Is all of it good? I don’t know!

First up to bat: Meghan Trainor’s TAKIN’ IT BACK