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New Team Members!

Our team is growing, but it isn't too late to join us! If you are interested in volunteering @WIDR click HERE!

Lucie (Video Director): Hi everyone! I’m Lucie Gripp, the new video director at WIDR FM. I am currently a sophomore studying Political Science and Sociology. Though it’s not related to my major, I have always loved music and have been involved with media production since high school! In my spare time I enjoy painting, watching movies, and going on coffee runs! I’m extremely excited to get started and make this year one to remember!

Kate (Promotion Assistant): Hi! I'm Kate McDade and I am the new Promotional Assistant! I am from Kalamazoo and I am a freshman, and also new to WIDR, and I cannot wait to be a part of this team. I am currently undecided, but I plan on declaring my major in Graphic Design. I love creating things, whether it is art or music, and I look forward to putting those interests to use here at WIDR. As far as other interests, I love playing video games, building Legos, spending time outdoors, gardening, and making art. I am so excited for this year and to be able to meet everyone involved here!

J-Stevo (Production Assistant): Heyooo! What’s goodie people? My name is Jerome, but you should know me as J-STEVO! (The story behind my name does indeed involve the white guy from "Jackass"). Currently I am a Sophomore at Western Michigan University with an Arts & Sciences Major of Film, Video, and Media Studies, my minor is Multimedia Arts Technology. Some things about me include my passion for music as I am an artist myself who has yet to truly professionally put out audio content, but nevertheless that is coming soon! I love to write, listen to, visualize, and create art, sports, video & board/interactive games, and my favorite colors are the blue spectrum. My favorite genre are blends of multiple genres (ex: Emo Rap, Trap Metal, Psychedelic Trap, Pop Rap, Alternative Rock, etc.) and my favorite thing to do is everything aforementioned but with people/friends! Community is unity and I’m more than happy to build upon the ones I’m involved in, if you want to know more about me or just need a friend, don’t be afraid to reach out to J-STEVO!


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