• Andrei Awad

Neil Peart Tribute

Keeping time is any drummer's basic duty in their respective ensemble. However, Neil Peart did more than just that which made him one of the greats. He, Alex Lifeson, and Geddy Lee formed Rush, the headbanging prog-rock band formed in 1968. The three had all met in Toronto which is where they formed their band. They all chose free will for their futures. None of them were enticed by working 9-5 jobs like their peers and parents. Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee were the first two members of Rush put in a circumstance to take some chances.

The duo, consisting of extensive guitar and bass knowledge, was in a search for the real-life metronome that captured their desired sound. After some searching, they found the man himself. The true master of timekeeping, Neil Peart. Rush had their beginnings like any other band. But when they found their Limelight, everything had come together for their first studio album release of Rush in March of 1974. The album skyrocketed into popularity with its new take on rock and roll. Nobody could believe that they were only a three-person band. The sound was that astonishing at the time, as it still is today. After the first release, everything was shaping up to be as if they’d found their sound. Moving Pictures, Fly By Night and Permanent Waves exemplify this sound. Released in February of 1981, Moving Pictures made Rush widely known with captivating tracks such as "Tom Sawyer", "YYZ", and "Red Barchetta". "The Spirit Of The Radio" off of Permanent Waves had put a spirit in everyone’s radio. It virtually set the tone of how one likes to believe in the freedom of music.

Getting back to our timekeeper, Neil has written most of Rush’s tracks with the collaboration of Alex and Geddy. Every drum part is his writing of course but his contributions weren’t limited to just that. He also has chimed in on the lyrical parts, which are sick if you ask me. His most famed solo, the YYZ solo, has reached millions of views on YouTube which raised a lot of interest in fans coming to their live shows to witness his greatness.