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Moaning Self Titled- Album Review

Moaning is a punk trio hailing from the LA DIY scene. Their Self-Titled album was released March 2nd and is the group's first LP.

This album overall is a decent example of the DIY and “Shoegaze” sound that came out of the 80’s. This post-punk album feature all the elements of the genres: the heavy instrumentation and reverb coupled with fuzzy lyrics that create a unique tone. This album seems to draw from staples of the genre like Slowdive, Beach Fossils, and Ride. Moaning sits on the slightly heavier end of the genre with faster music than the dreamy sound of similar bands. They combine the staples of “Shoegaze” with some punk influences to create their own sound.

The lyrics seem to be fueled by angst, anger, and love, as one might expect from these type of bands. Although they are not always the central focus of the songs, they hold some poetic phrasing and relatable lines. But, the lyrics seem pretty typical for a DIY based group and none of them really stood out as amazing, quotable lines for your next tattoo. The music itself blends really well throughout the album as the band seems to stay true to its roots. It all works together to create an atmosphere of young adult angst.

This band sounds like one you would want to hear live. I think the energy of the music is lost in the recording, but would be stronger in a pit at a basement show.

While this album does fit into its genre wonderfully, as a whole, it would not be my first recommendation for those not familiar with this style of music. The album at times almost feels harsh in its sounds, and the lyrics are overshadowed and muddled occasionally. For fans of the genre or bands mentioned previously, this would be a wonderful addition to your music library.

This is a wonderful first release for the band, and it will be interesting to see where they go after this.

Track Listing: Don't Go, Tired, Artificial, Close, Does This Work For You?, The Same, For Now, Useless, Misheard, Somewhere in There.

Highlights: Don't Go, Close, Somewhere in There


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