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Mitis & AU5 at Elektricity

For my electronic dance music (EDM) lovers out there, do yourself a favor and check out Elektricity in Pontiac, MI. It's an edm only venue with video boards, lights, lasers, CO2 cannons and everything else you'd need for a good edm show. The venue is small, but cozy and hosts some of the biggest edm talent in the world. I had the pleasure of seeing Mitis with Au5 at Elektricity and it was an absolute blast. While Mitis and Au5 were the big names, the show had support from two local artists, Cheska and P Rose.

The doors for the show opened at 9pm which is when Cheska began her hour long show. She had a very unique sound that I hadn't really heard before, but I can say I definitely enjoyed it. Despite being a small artist, she had what seemed to be a loyal following there cheering her on as she played her stuff. She didn't have a lot of stage production, but a lot more than I expected. For the most part, the lights and lasers were warming up and didn't play a big role in her set, but that's to be expected from an opener. She was the most chill artist of the night music wise which I think is smart to not begin with wild energy. After she gave up the DJ decks, it was time for P Rose.

P Rose came out and said enough of that chill stuff, we here to party. He threw down an intense set full of dubstep and lots of bass. It was a really nice way to bring the energy up before our two main acts were set to play. Surprisingly P Rose seemed to use less stage production than the first opener. He played a lot of songs from more popular artists, like a version of Feel Something by Illenium, Island by Seven Lions and many more. He also sprinkled in some Melodic dubstep in there which helped make his set more memorable than just a flat out heavy dubstep set. He really set the tone for the rest of what was to come that night. Once his set was over, Au5 came out to perform.

Au5 came onto the stage with a bucket hat on and melted our faces off with an absolutely insane set. His music is wild yet beautiful at the same time. He brought so much energy that the place really needed. He seemed so passionate about what he was playing and danced the whole time. A highlight of the night came when he played two versions of his hit 2014 song, Snowblind. For me this was a song that got me into edm, so hearing it live was a rush that brought me back in time. He played a newer version that was faster and had me jumping, and followed it up with the original version. Later in his set he played a song that I had totally forgotten he was on, but I was so happy to hear it. Anywhere by Slander and Au5 was a great surprise for me, as it's one of my favorites. He teased a new album, but refrained from playing any songs off of it, most likely due to record label stuff. He even played an Au5 version of Toxic by Brittney Spears!! He played for a while longer and then it was time for the main event, Mitis.

By this time, it was 12:30am and Mitis was starting. The energy was just a little low going into the set, due to how late it was getting. That all changed when the bearded man who goes by Mitis walked onto the stage and hit play on his intro, Take you Home with Jason Ross and Mitis. I've always thought of that song as an outro so hearing it be his intro was great. When the first drop happened, the CO2 cannons fired off for the first time of the night leading to a huge cheer from the crowd. This is his headlining tour, and he showed why during this show. He played all of his hit songs which were a joy to hear live. While the breakdown of the song would be going on he'd mix in the build up of another drop and the building would go nuts. Everyone on the railing head banging and going crazy. I especially loved when he played Laserbeam by Ray Volpe (Eliminate remix). I for one was not expecting to hear Laserbeam that night and that I lost my mind hearing it. Later into his set he played an unreleased song called Phantom Love. It was a traditional Mitis song but the melody was very unique and I will be excited when it inevitably comes out for the world to hear. After some more of his music and some heavy dubstep, he walked off stage to really fool the crowd like he was done. It worked so well everyone left for the night. Just kidding, Mitis came back out maybe 20 seconds later to play his outro. I was so exhausted by this point I don’t even know what his outro song was, but I gave it all the energy left in my body. After this it was 2am, and a 2 and a half hour drive home awaited me.

All in all, this was a phenomenal concert. I would recommend Elektricity to anyone who enjoys EDM, live music or is just looking for a fun time. The same can be said about all four artists who performed that night. Cheska and P Rose are usually in the Detroit area if you’re looking to see them. As for Au5 and Mitis, if they’re on tour, you will not want to miss the shows that those two will throw down!


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