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Meet the Directors!

We have had quite a few new people join our team recently, and its been a while, so we wanted to reintroduce ourselves!

Cully (General Manager): I am Cully, I am from Kalamazoo and I love listening to music! I am excited to work with the team this year to reinvigorate WIDR to make it the best version of itself: a place where students and local artists can be featured. This brings with it all kinds of new programs and live events and pushing ourselves to be the best resource possible for the community and campus.

Hank (Program Director): And when all was said and done, and all the smoke cleared from the graduation, look who’s still standing. For those who don’t know me, I’m Hank and I’ve been the Program Director here for a year and a half. I’m so excited to have a team again and to kick the station back into gear and get more DJs on the air! This is going to be a great year, guys. It’s great to have you!

Logen (Music Director): Hey everyone! I'm Logen Lastname, the new Music Director for WIDR FM. I'm currently a junior studying Creative Writing, but I also love learning about media, music history, and the Spanish language. In my free time, you can catch me singing, journaling, listening to jams, or a combination of all three! Some of my favorite artists include Flume, Maude Latour, Lorde, Kid Cudi... the list goes on. Overall, I'm so grateful for this opportunity and I'm super excited for this upcoming era of WIDR, something I can't wait to reflect on-air!

Ryan (Production Director): Ryan Misiak is the current Production Director at WIDR. He’s a student actively enrolled at Western Michigan University (WMU). Ryan caters to all radio personalities, musical efforts, post - production, audio equipment, ect. Ableton, Audition, & Audacity are primarily utilized to complete production goals, alongside occasional supporting software. Through initiative and creative inspiration, Ryan aims to make moments in, and around, WMU and the Kalamazoo area. Ryan is focused on attending to all production needs and transforming WIDR 89.1 into a fun, interactive, and professional organization for those interested in the entertainment industry regardless of experience.

Sydney (Promotion Director): HI! I’m Sydney, the new Promotion Director. I started hosting a show last winter but am excited to get more involved this year here at WIDR. I am a sophomore Advertising major with a music minor. I enjoy running, making friendship bracelets, and listening to music. I also love listening to podcasts, watching documentaries, and reading books about music. Looking forward to getting to know everyone this year!

It's never too late to join us! If you are interested in joining the WIDR team fill out the volunteer form under the "Volunteer @ WIDR" tab


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