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Meet Our New Team Members!

Hey hey! I'm Zola and I'm so stoked to be the video editor at WIDR this year. I'm hoping to put out some cool stuff and brainstorm some awesome ideas with the team. In school I am a Film, Video, Media studies and Spanish double major, on the side just a cool kid who loves playing guitar hero, listening to music and watching movies. Thanks for any and all support!

Hi there! I’m Cully! I recently joined WIDR as the new Promotion’s Assistant and I’m having a blast doing it. I am a freshman and I’m majoring in Film, Video, Media Studies. I am a performer, I love acting and improv comedy. I enjoy a good amount of silliness and whimsy in my life, but don’t think I’m all laughs - I also enjoy a quiet mindful moment now and then. Hope you tune in and hope to see you around!

Hey, I’m Noah Shankool, the new Production Assistant at WIDR. I’m a 5th year MAT major and Business minor. I love Funk and Dance music and I spend a lot of my free time producing and playing shows. I’m excited to be part of the WIDR crew!


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