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Magnolia Park - "Misfits" Review

Magnolia Park is a pop-punk band which formed in Orlando, Florida in 2019. With their first full length album, “Baku’s Revenge,” coming out November 4th, I was unsurprised to see they had released a single from the album. Released October 4th, the song is titled, “Misfits” and is featuring Taylor Acorn. Taylor Acorn was originally a country singer, before switching to a more pop-punk sound in recent years due to the success of her acoustic pop-punk covers on TikTok.

The song starts with the lead singer of Magnolia Park, Joshua Roberts, singing the chorus with quiet instrumentation for the first 15 seconds. At that point the singing stops, and the instrumentation picks up.

Taylor Acorn’s verse, verse two, is fine. It fits well in the song but isn’t very revolutionary or memorable. The pre-chorus following her verse includes harmonies between Acorn and Roberts, which I really enjoyed. Personally, I believe Taylor Acorn’s vocals should be louder during these sections to better hear the harmonies.

Around 2:25 the bass drops, and Roberts finishes the song out with some good yelling.

Overall, this song was fine. If it came on in the car, I wouldn’t skip it. However, I wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to it either. The lyrics are quite simple, and some lines seem like they were produced in the hopes it would blow up on TikTok. Seeing as both Magnolia Park and Taylor Acorn found success on the platform in the past this doesn’t surprise me but does disappoint slightly.

In the past, Magnolia Park has prided themselves on making music with a message and I hope this is not lost as the band grows.


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