• Sydney Aldrich

Longface & Atsuko Chiba

Mark your calendars WIDR listeners and get down with us at Shakespeares lower level for our Battle Ground celebration Friday, March 23rd. Our battle of the bands 2018 winner and your “fan favorite” will be performing alongside touring bands Atsuko Chiba and Longface!

Atsuko Chiba is a liberizing band from Montreal, Canada whose sound ventures beyond the boundaries of genre conformity. They have revamped a blended sound of experimental prog- rock, post-punk, hip-hop, and psychedelica, creating their own exceptional sound. Their experimental compositions carry you across an unpredictable soundscape generating both soothing and dissonant tones. Their unshared sound spawns a rare experience for listeners, an inventive aesthetic. Atsuko Chiba has self released all their music, including their recent 2016 EP, The Memory Empire.

Hailing from the city of Chicago, Longface presents a folky brew of twangy pop-rock. Kentucky born lead vocalist and guitarist, Anthony Focareto’s idea of Longface was inspired by the tensions of modern reality. The band creates a musical narrative expressing the desire to retire from the weight of urban society while being conflicted with enriching opportunities of artistic growth. This paradox creates both playful satire and solemn disclosure throughout their music. The smooth vocals, transcendent melodies, variance from soft-folky inflections to an erupting grunge of guitars and heavy rock produces a collaborative work of art.

Here’s a collaborative playlist made up of bands:

1. “Wasabi Hands” ,