• Hank Melluish

Jordan Miller Interview

Last week I sat down for a conversation with Jordan Miller, the lead singer of The Beaches, and I like to think it was a good time despite my initial nerves. The Beaches are one of the most promising bands working today, after all, and have been since 2013! At this point in time, the Canadian rock band has gone from Family Channel child-stars to Juno Award winning openers for the Foo Fighters, Rolling Stones and Passion Pit. I just caught them at the tail-end of their first headlining tour in the US, and End of Summer--the band’s newest EP--has just come out. The future looks bright for Miller.

How was your Halloween?

It was very fun! I went to a wedding with two of my other bandmates and then I went to a couple parties and then an afterparty. So, yeah.