• Lucie Gripp

Jeff Buckley - "Grace" Review

I was made familiar with Jeff Buckley by his version of the song Hallelujah, which I feel is where most people know him from. In September, Hallelujah had come on in my music shuffle and prompted me to listen to some of Buckley’s other work. Though I overall enjoy his discography, Grace is definitely the stand out album.

The seventh song on the album, “Lover, You Should’ve Come Over” has got to be my favorite track on the album. The song takes you on a full journey, starting slow and mellow and building to the climax where Buckley belts his heart out. The song, which was inspired by a break up he recently went through, is about regrets he has about his recent relationship and how he wants her back again. Buckley’s heart wrenching lyrics paired with his strong vocals make for an extremely emotionally intense song.