• Maggie Neuman

Jade Review

Hey y’all and HAPPY START TO THE SEMESTER BRONCOS!! I just started my final year of classes today as I’m writing this which are already driving me mad. On the bright side, The Skinny Limbs released their new EP, Jade this past Friday which is about the only thing getting me through right now. I really got into The Skinny Limbs earlier this year but they’ve actually been on my radar since high school when they played at my high school's music festival, WO Stock! The Skinny Limbs rock and I’m absolutely in love with Jade which is what I’m here to review for y’all today :)

This EP starts off with “Tenderness” which feels very upbeat musically but lyrically... not so much. This is definitely a song of contrast to say the least. The song begins with melodic synthesizer and guitar lines that pair so well with Max’s smooth vocals. My favorite part of “Tenderness” may be the instrumental break in the middle with the beautiful guitar solo and following guitar JAM. Overall despite the not very upbeat message I get really good vibes from this song!

Next up is “Folly” which starts off a bit more toned down but keeps with the synthesizer notes in the instrumentals. I’ve listened to quite a bit of The Skinny Limbs’ music and this undoubtedly feels like a song of theirs but to me shows some growth they’ve had. I fell in love with them for their melodic guitar lines and dreamy vocals but the synthesizer brings such a cool new almost 80s-esque vibe. In this song they also change up the feel quite a bit throughout where it will feel like it’s moving faster or slower which is so cool to hear! I'm a big fan of this song too, what more can I say??

“Jade”, the title track is our next song! This song is so interesting and such a contrast from the first two tracks. In this song they introduce a more pronounced base line which gives it a very different energy, definitely matching the feel of the mellow vocals more than the previously prominent high melodic guitar lines. Despite being local to Grand Rapids, The Skinny Limbs’ music feels undeniably island-y to me and this song is no exception. “Jade” feels like a song to listen to on the beach as summer winds down – a melancholy song for a melancholy mood.