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Intellectual Property - Waterparks

I have been waiting for the release of Intellectual Property for a while now. Waterparks is my favorite band, and I'm always excited when they release new music. I also have tickets to see them in May and am super excited to see them again. Also fun fact the Waterparks account follows me on insta (very exciting for me) I got the target exclusive cd version on release day, April 14th, so I have two additional songs, Here are my thoughts on the album:

St*rf*cker - The first song on the album, it is 1:52 and begins with what sounds like a voicemail, followed by various noises, before the lyrics begin. The vocals start with minimal music behind them, before it picks up. This is a fun song, with a receptive and catchy chorus. The song ends quite abruptly.

Real Super Dark - I already had heard this song many times before the release of the album. I really love the opening, Awsten's yelling is just a really fun way to start the song. Awsten's lyrics are quite syncopated in parts of this song which is an interesting choice, there is also quite a bit of yelling throughout the song. The chorus is once again super catchy and enjoyable. I also really like the Bridge of this song, and am really looking forward to (hopefully) hearing this song live!

Funeral Grey - I already had heard this song many times before the release of the album, and it is probably my favorite of the singles. It's a pretty simple song, but is super fun to sing and dance around to. Awsten uses his falsetto a bit on this song, which is something he doesn't do a ton, but I really like how it plays against the rest of his vocals.

Brainwashed - Immediately this song is giving me 21 questions and peach lobotomy vibes, with a more acoustic sound. Although I usually prefer his more rock and energetic songs, there is quite a bit happening in the backing vocals to keep me interested. There are some sections with quite quick vocals, which is really interesting in conjunction with the slower, more melodic, chorus. I prefer the second half of the chorus over the first half. At first listen, this song definitely has the opportunity to become one of my favorites on the album.

2 Best Friends - This song immediately is not my favorite. It has a more spoken and syncopated chorus and just doesn't jump out to me. This song feels very repetitive and overall is not my thing,

End of the Water (Feel) - Awsten once again uses his falsetto in this song on the chorus. I believe this is the highest I have ever heard him sing, and am very interested to see if he sings this song live if/how he modulates it. I really enjoy the verses on this song, they are very easy to bop along to. This song includes an outro by Kurtis Conner where he is talking. It is an interesting addition.

Self-Sabotage - I already had heard this song many times before the release of the album, and it is probably my second favorite of the singles. It's a super fun song, that I have enjoyed playing (the clean version of) on my show! Its super easy to dance and bop along to. This song is also quite repetitive but it's so fun and catchy that I don't mind as much as I do in some of the other songs.

Ritual - This song is much quicker than many of the songs on this album, I would go so far to call it rapping. I wonder if this approach was at all impacted by Waterparks touring with Blackbear. My favorite part of the song is the pre-chorus, its super fun and intriguing to me. It almost reminds me of Melanie Martinez, with a creepy vibe. I really enjoy some of the instrumentation/backing vocals on this song as well.

F*ck About It - I already had heard this song many times before the release of the album. The song features Blackbear, who had Waterparks as an opener on their tour in 2022. I didn't love this song initially, but it has definitely grown on me the more I have listened to it.

Closer - This song also has a more acoustic vibe, this one however reminds me of Yellow by Coldplay. This song stays a more acoustic throughout the song. As I previously mentioned, this is not my favorite type of song from Waterparks. I enjoy the song, but it is not one of my favorites.

A Night Out on Earth - This is definelty the most lyric heavy song, especially in verse two and the bridge. This is also the last song of the regular album. It is also interesting to note that this was the name of their last headline tour. I really enjoy the beginning bell(?) sounds. I really love the lyrics, as Awsten is being a bit more vulnerable and real in this song. The song ends with an audio clip from and interview the band did 8 years ago, showing the progress they've made and how much they have grown as a group as well as musically. I don't love the chorus, but overall really enjoy the song.

Target Exclusive songs:

Why Can't I - Right off the bat, this song reminds me of some of their earlier albums, specifically Double Dare and Entertainment. This is another slower, melodic song. I really love the lyrics, and it is a shame not everyone has access to this song. It is giving me early/mid 2000s vibes, and I love the nostalgia that comes with that.

End of the Water (Alt Version) - Immediately I am feeling Fandom vibes on this track, which gets no complaints from me as it is a spectacular album. It has a totally different vibe than the regular album version. This version is still very easy to bop along and dance to.

Overall, and to no surprise to anyone, I really enjoyed this album. Greatest Hits, their previous album, was not my favorite so I'm super glad that I like this one more. In my opinion, the Target Version is certainly worth it to have Why Can't I.


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