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Heaven Is A Place In My Head Review

Hey y’all! We’re in one of the best parts of the year where spring/summer music releases are rampant and it’s WONDERFUL! I was incredibly to see Bad Suns in that feed of new releases who I have been loving since the beginning of 2021. Although, I was actually introduced to them about four years ago with “Cardiac Arrest” which was big on my list of songs to cry to at the time. I think associating that song with heartbreak was part of why I didn’t get into them right away but I’m very glad to be loving them now. Alright that’s enough of me blabbering, Bad Suns’ new song is “Heaven Is A Place In My Head” and I’m here to review it for all of you today.

I’ve gotta start off by saying this song is sugary sweet. I don’t know who gave them permission to make a song this sweet but I’m here for it! I’m not religious but the idea of being with someone and having it be like Heaven in their head is just really nice. This sugary sweet message pairs great with the similarly sweet and poppy instrumentals in this song. I feel like Bad Suns hasn’t traditionally been quite this upbeat but they did a killer job with that vibe in this song. I really don’t have many more thoughts than that, I just really like this song and will definitely be continuing to listen to it throughout the summer to keep the good vibes going.

Check out “Heaven Is A Place In My Head” for all of your lovey dovey, summer song needs and check out the newly released music video here! Also check out the rest of Bad Suns’ music, especially their first album, Language and Perspective which is my personal favorite!


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