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Fly-Tip Mattress Review

Fly-Tip Mattress” is the first single from UK musician Sam Paul and I’m very excited to review it for you all today! The song starts off with a beautiful guitar line accompanied by a bouncy base line. In my experience, it’s impossible not to feel chilled out when listening to this song, even from the get-go. About thirty seconds in we get a taste of Sam’s vocals which much like the instrumentals involve a gorgeous upper line and an accompanying lower line. Sam’s lyrics on the lower line follow what he sang in the upper line and repeat the lyrics as well which contributes to the relaxing, laid-back feel.

Fly-Tip Mattress lyrically is all about change, but the feel of the song brings a sense of comfort and coziness to that despite change being uncomfortable for so many of us. It’s very bluesy which fits with the concept of change but it still manages to be very comforting, which I love.

Overall this is such a lovely song that I can’t recommend checking out enough, and I can’t wait to see what Sam does next!


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