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Fiona Review

Hello everybody! U Know / I Know came out with their EP, Fiona this week and it is FANTASTIC! I’ve been listening to it all this week since it came out and it has really been keeping me smiling! I really love all of the individual songs and they together create a very cohesive sound for the EP.

The first song “Fiona” shocks me every time because it manages to go so hard but also manages to stay light and fun! The vocals sound almost ethereal at times and the melodic guitar lines complement that, but other times the guitar goes so hard including with that kick ass solo at the end! Overall “Fiona” is a very fun song that’s just great to jam out to. This song in particular makes me excited to jam out to at house shows once it’s safe!

The energy cools down a bit for the next song, “Satie”. This song is straight vibes, it’s so chill. They hit us again with the melodic guitar lines but this time they’re a bit more rhythmic which is super fun. This is almost other-worldly in how it makes you feel. It’s chill enough to take you away from the stresses of life to an island somewhere where everybody is just having a good time.

“Bounce” is another chill one that really spoke to me lyrically. The music mimics the feeling of being lost and trying to find yourself that the lyrics convey, but in a very mellow and enjoyable way. I love how the rhythm changes in this song which immediately grabs your attention. The harmonies of the vocals in this song really stuck out to me as well in just sounding very angelic.

“Q&A” started with a guitar melody that reminded me of “Here Comes the Sun” which I loved so much, especially with how it contrasted with the opening lyrics “Why don’t you fuck me up?” This one went through such a major mood change in the middle which is so fun and really helps bring the energy up in this overall very chill EP.

“Goodbye Kalamazoo” made me personally feel a bit sad since I am currently away from Kalamazoo but I really enjoyed it. This song did a great job of rounding out the EP by bringing the energy up for the end. I love the long instrumental at the end that gave the band an opportunity to show off even more how talented they are with some killer solos.

Overall Fiona is a fantastic EP with some great energy that I can’t recommend enough! Check it out here!


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