• DJ Simon Jefferson, Music Director

Drive Your Ass Home

This week is the week I’ve looked forward all semester, but unfortunately this gluttony-fill holiday is also filled to the brim with driving, waiting in traffic, and hating your family. I’ve handpicked these tunes from the depths of my terrible taste. So relax, put on this playlist, and drive your ass home.

You can listen to our "Drive Your Ass Home" playlist here !

1. “Boy Racers” by Metronomy off Love Letters

This first song is from the British artist Metronomy, giving a slow growing groove that would give anyone’s head a twitch. This song is one of my favorite to drive to, eat turkey, and passively aggressive respond to kin.

2. “Ghost Town” by The Specials off Stereo-Typical: A’s, B’s, and Rarities

Cruising out of this ghost town to a familiar, food-scented holiday, leave your problems within the ghost town. This song may have no idea what, or where it wants to be, but The Specials bring an eerily jam for you to wear your