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DJ Song Recs 9/13/23

Welcome to the first DJ Song Recommendations of the 2023-2024 school year! Read below for some of songs our DJs have on repeat and checkout the playlist to listen to them!

Poor Man’s Poison - Let’s Go!

Bronco Breakdowns w/ Zach Pryor sElf - Ordinaire

College Wave with The Voicebox

Sol ChYld - N B C

The Antisocial Happy Hour w/Danya

The LoneStars - Driving Wheel

Enter The Crypt W/Delta of Venus Lotus - Aquamarine

Renaissance Alt w/ Messenger Dove TWRP - VHS (feat. Electric Six)

Electro-Pop Therapy w/ DJ Danger Groove Katie Lynne Sharbough - Omaha (The Only What If)

Evening digest w/ Austin Vetor Shinedown - A Symptom of Being Human

Variety w/ Sydney

They Are Gutting a Body of Water - delta P

Mort's Mega Mix

Electro City w/ Mike


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