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DJ Song Recs 9/20/23

Enjoy this week's WIDR Dj song recommendations! Listen on Spotify here!

Caiola - Alaska

Bronco Breakdowns w/ Zach Pryor

Electro Pop Therapy with DJ DANGER GROOVE

Four Wheel Drive - Honky Tonk Man

Enter The Crypt W/ Delta of Venus

Electronacoustix w/ SamTheSaxMan

Ethel Cain - Crush

The Void w/ Logen

Yonder Mountain String Band - Midwest Gospel Radio

The Home Gardening Show w/ Cully

Layz & Vasture - Barking at Thunder

Electro City w/ Mike

Black Polish - Baby Tonight

Variety w/ Sydney

Interested in being a DJ at 89.1 WIDR FM? Join on experience WMU!


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