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DJ Recs 11/1/23

Learn about some of our DJ's Recommendations for this week, and listen HERE!

Dylan Conrique - down from the high

8-Bit Hour w/ Austin Aside from being one of the few songs I like I could play at an event the artist is my favorite side character in a show I like.

Sparky Deathcap - September

Bronco Breakdown w/ Zach Pryor

To me the lyrics are just incredible. It symbolizes how one feels about heartbreak after being with someone so intimately. Even lines like “A quite of golden angels wearing matching rucksacks” being seen as good people preventing the narrator from getting on a train to see his lost lover. The sound might not be for everyone, but I think this is a great song.

Monster Magnet - See You in Hell


Since I’m not doing a Halloween show this year, I figured I could at least contribute to the newsletter. Every single Halloween show I’ve ever done has an emphasis on using music from horror movies, shows, video games or other related media. I try to switch it up as much as possible every time, but there are two tracks that I always play as a tradition. “See You in Hell” by Monster Magnet is one of them. For the purposes of the show, it was used in the film “Bride of Chucky,” but it also comes from one of my favorite albums of all time! Monster Magnet is one of the best stoner rock bands ever. Most people would recognize their song “Space Lord,” but the album Powertrip is chock full of other great songs as well! This song actually does have some freaky origins. Lead singer Dave Wyndorf says he was on a bus ride in New Jersey, when some old hippie guy told him about how he and his wife used to do a lot of drugs and buried their baby under the kitchen. Shocked and disturbed though he was, it inspired this song. I could go on about Monster Magnet, but why don’t we leave it at Happy Halloween 2023?

Salem - King Night

Electro Pop Therapy w/ DJ DangerGroove

This album is a year or two past it's 10 year anniversary, and besides being a groundbreaking album that defined the "witch house" sounds it's become a staple album in my rotation when the leaves change, the autumn air cools, and spooky vibes abound in the lead up to Halloween. I also find it to be an album that delicately bridges the divide between more experimental and course electronic music and poppier musical adventures. It's gothic tones and synth feels like you are listening to a not -quite- human choir sing in a haunted forest. The title track "King Night" is an etheral and spooky reimagining of "O Holy Night" than transforms it into a thoroughly Halloween song. On a personal note I'm gone on vacation during Halloween this year, and I got to introduce my partner to this album while literally driving back to our hotel after spending the day in Salem.

Variety w/ Sydney


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