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DJ Parley

Head Case A variety show with the goal of delivering the most variety possible. It's not uncommon to hear jazz, metal, punk rock, hip-hop, and disco all on one show.

"Essentially, it's controlled chaos at its finest."

Saturdays 3-5 pm

We sat down with DJ Parley and asked about his experiences here at WIDR FM.

How long have you been DJing at WIDR? I've been a DJ at WIDR since April of this year, and I have been hosting a variety show ever since. What is your most memorable moment at WIDR? My most memorable moment at WIDR is when I got to remember Chris Cornell over the airwaves. I grew up listening to Soundgarden and Chris Cornell's solo stuff. I also remember being really into the Temple of the Dog album my sophomore and junior years of high school. I loved all of his work, so being able to remember him on the air and pay tribute to him was really special for me. Who would be your dream guest to have on your show? This is a really hard question. I think I'd have to go with Henry Rollins on this one. Black Flag is one of my favorite bands of all time, and I think that Henry would have some really interesting stories from his days in Black Flag, his spoken word career, his roles in many different films, and all of the travelling that he's done around the world. I feel like he would have a lot of interesting things to say, and I'd also love to see how he feels about he produced in Black Flag as he has aged. Specifically, Damaged, My War, and Loose Nut. Some honorable mentions would be Iggy Pop, because it'd be awesome to hear about the peanut butter fights that he used to have at his shows, and I'd love the chance to ask him some questions about Raw Power, as I see it as one of the most essential punk rock albums ever made. Some modern day artists that would be really cool to interview would be Ty Segall and Mac DeMarco, because they just make great music in my opinion, and seem like genuinely down to earth musicians. What does WIDR and Radio Evolution mean to you? I think that WIDR means a wider range of music that is played for people to be exposed to and for people to enjoy. I feel like WIDR is that one friend everyone has that they go to for music suggestions. To me, Radio Evolution means dynamic, and creative hosts and sounds that you can't hear on any other station out there. The two work together to ensure that fresh ideas and content are always being pushed.


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