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Deception Bay - Milk & Bone

Relatively new to the music scene, Milk & Bone takes you to a dreamy world of love and loss in their newest album Deception Bay.

The Canadian-based band consists of Laurence Lafond-Beaulne and Camille Poliquin, who met as students at Cégep de Saint-Laurent. The duo first performed alongside David Giguère’s touring band before deciding to write together. They released their debut album Little Mourning in 2015 with Bonsound. Additionally, in 2015 Milk & Bone received the SOCAN Breakout Award at the Francophone SOCAN Awards in Montreal. Now, Lafond-Beaulne and Poliquin use synth harmonies and hypnotizing vocals to take listeners on a journey through moving on.

Similar to artists like Melanie Martinez, Laoise, and Lana Del Rey, all 14 tracks on Deception Bay feature dreamy vocals. Honestly, listening to them sing is like walking on a cloud. The entire album is slow and dramatic. In fact, track 7, TMRW., is a song that I can imagine playing at the end of a television show, right when it ends on a cliffhanger. On the other side of the spectrum, track 11, Deception Bay, leaves me feeling powerful and free. There’s a song on this album for every mood. From the Troye Sivan moody feel in track 2, Daydream, to the loveless vibe on track 5, Nevermore, you can get your fix for anything. However, this band isn’t for everyone. It’s missing that full sound that you get from bass beats. Someone who enjoys turning up their car radio and blasting the bass will likely find this empty in that regard. Nevertheless, the trancelike state this album puts me into is a state I think would be widely enjoyed by those looking to relax.

Track Listing: Set In Stone, Daydream, Kids, Care, Nevermore, Sad Eyes, Tmrw., Interlude 1, The Flood, Interlude 2, Deception Bay, Faded, Bbblue, :’)

Best Tracks: Daydream, Deception Bay, :’)


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