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Atsuko Chiba

WIDR FM has been given the opportunity to get to know Atsuko Chiba, the Canadian group that will be playing before Longface for our this year's Battle Ground: Shake's

Can you tell me a little bit about the band and its background? How did you get into music? Have you always had the same sound – how has it changed?

We all got into music for different reasons, but the reason we started this band was to have a musical outlet that didn’t have any restrictions. We wanted a project we’re we could attempt anything and not feel like we had to stick to a certain pattern or formula. Because of that, our sound has definitely changed a lot since we first got together. At the beginning, we we’re completely instrumental, and leaned more towards a typical post rock sound. Over time, different styles, techniques and instruments made its way into the fold, including an increasing presence of vocals.

How did you meet? Where are you from?

We we’re all born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. We’ve all known each other since high school. Eric, Kevin and I (David) played in a band that often played shows with Karim and Anthony’s band at the time.

Who inspires you?

We take inspiration from music and films of any genre. We have a lot of respect for groups like The Mars Volta and filmmakers like Fellini who transport you to other worlds through their art.

How long have you been together?

The band has been together for almost 7 years now. We first got together at the end of 2011 and played our first show as a 4 piece one week after that. Anthony joined the project just a few short months after that.

What is each band members role in the group?

Anthony Piazza: drums, live projections