• DJ Simon Jefferson, Music Director

Accidentals Interview

DJ Simon Jefferson sat down for a over-the-phone interview with Michigan's own, The Accidentals.

Growing up, what was your experience with music? When did you first drift towards the arts?

Katie and I had pretty different experiences growing up with music. My parents met in Nashville. My mom was an r&b singer and my dad was a session piano player for the Grande Ole Opry.

They got married and had me. I kind of grew up in a folk, bluegrass and kind of improvisational jazz.

I learned violin at 11 I was in our public school program, then eventually I met Katie and my whole view on music changed entirely. A total 180.

I grew up in a musical family as well. My dad is a professional classical piano player, he works at an arts school called Interlochen Academy.

Oh yeah, I know of Interlochen.

Yeah! So he does like, composition, and jazz and classical. My mom grew up singing musicals and studying jazz voice and classical voice in college.

When I was in the public school system, I decided to pick up cello. I pursued that, so I took private lessons, played some cello solos and played in orchestra and quartets.